Thursday, November 21, 2019

Qualities that make an ideal friend Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Qualities that make an ideal friend - Essay Example He would go the extra mile to make sure that we remain contented and satisfied with things that are happening with us. An ideal friend would take our family as theirs and thus would easily come in and go out of our house as and when needed. This ideal friend would not mind asking us what we have on our mind and secretly solve our problems. This ideal friend would give us company whenever we need it the most. This would mean that he would give his shoulder whenever we are down and hug us when we get heart-broken. This ideal friend would also help us financially when we go through a credit crunch. He would interact with our problems in such a way that problems will start getting solved in a quick manner. (Author Unknown, 2008) His linkage with our lives is immensely significant since the ideal friend is ideal for the very same reason. This ideal friend will capture our hearts with his humor and wit and would not less us get bored whenever we need good company and a lift from our social and professional problems. An ideal friend keeps people happy with him and does not indulge in useless gossip. He concerns his own self with the betterment of his own personality as well as of his friends. He concentrates on the aspect of ‘giving’ more than anything else. He is humble and remains very polite at the best of times. He does not give into pressure which is exerted upon his personality every now and so often. Indeed an ideal friend is ideal in all facets of life. In the end, an ideal friend possesses so many qualities that it seems pretty hard to list down all of them. Most of these qualities do not exist in one such person to which we can remark as being the most ideal one possible. Hence there is enough reason that there is no ideal friend in this world for us. We forget that we also have to become an ideal friend for an individual so that he could become as such. But then again

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